Bob Shepton

Bob Shepton is a highly experienced Arctic explorer who has led several Sailing and Climbing Expeditions to Greenland and Arctic Canada in his yacht, the Westerly 33 ft sloop 'Dodo's Delight'.

He can act as a Consultant, or as Arctic Advisor/Ice Pilot in person to Sailing Expeditions and undertakes Yacht Skippering and Deliveries anywhere in the world.

Bob traversed the North West Passage east to west in 2012, and now west to east in 2013, in his own small boat. He is now experienced and qualified to act as Ice Pilot and Adviser for this Passage, and the Arctic generally’

Bob is willing to give lectures (digital slide shows and/or film) on his expeditions on request, for a reasonable fee.








For advice & delivery requirements contact Bob directly at:

Telephone (01631) 730382

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