Bob Shepton.

Expeditions 2001

Tilman in a new Millenium 2

Boat re-launched, Aasiaat; ski mountaineering Akuliarusinguaq on the edge of the ice cap, Long carry in, 2.5 days with tents and gear. Six first ascents on ice cap. One first ascent rock climb in Sortehul near Upernavik.

Boat stuck amongst icy water with sunlight faded

Met Northabout at Upernavik on their way to NW Passage. Then passage to 75 35N to get round West Ice to Bylot Island, arctic Canada. Met Northabout again at that latitude for return of Polly’s camera! Caught in pack ice at Cape Walter Bathurst but tide released us. Repeated Tilman and Bruce Reid’s north south traverse across Bylot Island – 70k, 10 days, first ascent of 8 mountains on the way.

Tent and people camped on the snow

Polly Murray and Tash Wright made 90k north south traverse to the west of ours – Murray-Wright Travese – fast 8 days but no first ascents! Return across the Atlantic Sept/Oct – very stormy.