Bob Shepton.

Expeditions 2011

Western Isles & Arctic Meanderings


A mini expedition taking a group of climbers across to Pabbay and Mingulay in the Western Isles. The climbers learnt a lot about sailing; I learnt a lot about the anchoring at Pabbay and Mingulay!

Bob and fellow climber on Devil's Thumb


Acted as a watchkeeper and Ice Pilot for Arctic Meanderings in Greenland and arctic Canada on board Cristina Rapisardi and Giovanni’s ‘new’ Billy Budd, a 112 foot superyacht.

Included a climb on the Tommelfinger (Devil’s Thumb) and visits to the seldom visited Carey Islands, Jones Sound and Admiralty Inlet – Polar Bears, Musk Oxen, Walrus.

Head of a polar bear looking out of the water